Scope of services

Our responsibilities are as follows:


  • Light housekeeping for the consumer. (This includes dishes, vacumning, damp mop, laundry, bed making & changing, sitting out trash, wiping off countertops, keeping bathroom clean, & dusting).
  • Assisting in bathing, grooming and personal hygiene.
  • Preparing meals and feeding patients when necessary.
  • Assisting with ambulation in and out of the home.
  • Ensuring medications are taken correctly.
  • Helping with prescribed exercies.
  • Grocery shopping during regularly scheduled hours.
  • Transporting consumer safely to doctors appointments, or other functions. 
  • Teaching safety measures, household routines, and skills to appropriate family members

Services Provided

We provide licensed Home Care services.
Our goal is to keep you or your loved one at home instead of being placed in a nursing home or assisted living facility. 


Getting Started


The first step is to contact us by phone.  We will gather all the necessary information regarding yourself or your loved one.  We will then schedule an appointment for you to meet with us to complete the admission process.